Across Connections

Across Connections began in 2011 as a long distance collaboration between Yorke Dance Project and the California based Pennington Dance Group. Exploring the choreographic challenge of working on separate continents, Artistic Directors Yolande Yorke-Edgell and John Pennington initially exchanged ideas and movements through phone conversations, email and video. In the final stage, the companies moved from the virtual to the real, coming together in the studio to jointly create, Overlay, a dance in four movements with nine dancers and original scores. Yolande and John share a deep-rooted connection from their years in the Lewitzky Dance Company, and drew upon this history to create a work that crossed continents and borders, all to critical acclaim.

Pennington Dance Group and Yorke Dance Project  joined forces again in March 2013 for the second part of Across Connections, which began in LA in 2011. This cross-continent sharing and collaboration continued in the UK this time with the following performances which were a huge success:

13th March, Winchester University, (lecture demonstration)
16th March Merlin Theatre, Frome (Performance 7:45pm)
21st March Arts Depot, London (Performance 7:30pm)

Talks are underway for the next collaboration which will take place in 2014. More details to be announced at the end of the year.


The Pennington Dance Group

John Pennington is also the founder and director of A Room To Create (ARC) Pasadena. The mission of ARC Pasadena is to support and nurture an appreciation of dance by providing a state of the art facility for dancers, choreographers, teachers, lecturers and dance enthusiasts. ARC Pasadena also serves as the headquarters for the Pennington Dance Group. Yorke Dance Project is honored to rehearse at ARC Pasadena whenever the company is working in Los Angeles and collaborating with the Pennington Dance Group.


Please see below an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times previewing Across Connections and note the following correction:

The article mentions that Yolande Yorke-Edgell has staged some of Bella Lewitzky’s work which was incorrectly reported. The Lewitzky Dance Gallery, which licenses all repertory, assigned John Pennington to reconstruct and stage all Lewitzky work for the Yorke Dance Project.

The LA Times preview