Sally McKay

Artist Sally Mckay has been sketching the company in various different rehearsals  since our Production of “Americana” and it has always been a pleasure to have her in the studio.  She is an outstanding artist that truly captures the essence of movement. Her work is best summed up by choreographer, Fin Walker “Sally creates from her very soul. Her essence rings forth. In the work you feel her and the subjects she has captured, the totality of their expression as well as her own.” We have been honored to have her draw the company as she has worked with amazing choreographers and companies such as Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Lea Anderson, Siobhan Davies and Hofesh Shechter.

“Sally works with great sensitivity, the drawings she produces are acute observations and her flair often suggests hidden meanings to scenes and moments which are otherwise invisible. Her own deep understanding of artistic process and practice bring so much to any rehearsal room.”

Kristine Landon-Smith, Artistic Director Tamasha