Cohan Collective


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1st – 13th August

The Cohan Collective offers artists a rare opportunity to focus on the art of collaboration, offering a unique opportunity to bring composers, choreographers, musicians and dancers together to look deeper into the process of making music and dance and further develop the depth and quality of the choreographers’ and composers’ work and working methods. There is no judgment, only experimentation, as artists create and analyze work during the two-week residency.

In 2015 Yorke Dance Project, choreographer Robert Cohan and his longtime collaborator, composer Eleanor Alberga, piloted the Cohan Collective, supported by Middlesex University. For 2016, Robert Cohan and Eleanor Alberga will direct the residency whilst choreographer Kim Brandstrup and composer Gary Carpenter will take on the role of mentors.


We are excited to announce that this year’s artists in the Cohan Collective are:

Composers: Ryan Latimer, Adam Lori, Anna Appleby and Jose Puello

Choreographers: Jacqueline Bulnes, Dane Hurst, Nina von der Werth and Michael Naylor

Musicians: Simon Limbrick, Daniel Espie, Rebecca Speller and Stephen Upshaw

Dancers: Amy Thake, Edd Mitton, Freya Jeffs, Kieran Stoneley, Hannah Kidd, Ben Warbis, Jade Brider, Jordi Calpe Serrats, Gemma Payne, Wayne Parsons, Sharia Johnson, Liam Giacuzzo, Sara Barbagli and James Kay


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