The 2017 Cohan Collective Development Week


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The 2017 Cohan Collective Development Week

The 2016 Cohan Collective engaged four choreographers and four composers working with a pool of sixteen dancers as well as four musicians. The residency was overseen by founding directors Robert Cohan and Eleanor Alberga while choreographer Kim Bandstrup and composer Gary Carpenter mentored the collaborators themselves.

The four choreographers and composers had all worked professionally and were at pivotal points in their development. The residency was designed to push them into unknown territory, encouraging them to take greater risks whilst working in a critical, yet supportive environment. It provided them a rare opportunity to better understand and explore the choreographer/composer relationship in an environment that is focused entirely on process and not on product.

This year will see the launch the Cohan Collective Development Week, a seven-day residency for which three of the four pairs of choreographers and composers, plus dancers and musicians, from the 2016 residency have been invited to participate. The brief is for them to spend a week focusing on a single collaboration initiated at last year’s Cohan Collective. Using an idea that arose from one of last year’s tasks as a starting point, the Development Week will offer the collaborative teams time and space to steep themselves in one partnership, creating material as they work towards a single finished piece. All collaborators will be mentored by Robert Cohan & Eleanor Alberga, this time with more intensity as the week focusses on a single project.

In addition to the professional artists, three student choreographers and two student videographers will be invited to participate alongside the collaborating artists and mentors. The three choreography students will take class and observe rehearsals as each of the collaborations unfold, with each student shadowing one of the three choreographers throughout the week. The videographers, will be chosen and mentored by YDPs resident videographer David McCormick.

At the end of the residency, the artists will present their work at an informal sharing for an invited audience at Rambert studios on the Southbank.


This year’s collaborating artists will be:

Composers: Ryan Latimer, Anna Appleby and Jose Puello

Choreographers: Jacqueline Bulnes, Dane Hurst and Nina von der Werth