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I felt part of the group and enveloped by the creative process during the whole two weeks. Taking company class every morning gave me an opportunity to develop my own skills and technique, and dance with renowned professional dancers. I found Yolande Yorke-Edgell’s research, development and creative process enlightening. It has given me the affirmation and confidence to guide my youth company in choreographing a curtain raiser for when Yorke Dance Project performs in Salisbury. Carrie Syckelmoore, Salisbury Youth Dance Company

Taking this inspiration back to our youth dance groups and translating it into something that in turn speaks to them, creates a brilliant daisy chain of dancing experience.” Louise Barratt – Frome and Arc Youth Dance Companies

Youth Leaders has established itself as a unique and successful professional development programme for leaders working in the youth dance field. The program supports leaders who, due to their location, often work in isolation from one another and from the professional dance field.

Piloted in 2009 with support from Lyvie De Haan and Youth Dance England South West, YDP invited six youth dance leaders into company rehearsals for two weeks. This gave the leaders new skills for developing their own arts practice which they then drew on when working with their own young dancers throughout the year.
 Through this process, the leaders also made vital contact with other artists working in their field, creating a supportive network of youth dance leaders throughout the country.

This model brings diverse communities from all over the UK together, sharing the opportunity to work with a world-class company. The opportunity for each of the youth dance group leaders to work in the studio with professional dancers and Yorke-Edgell enriches and supports their own creativity and ability to guide younger dancers through creative tasks, raising the level of not just the work, but the critical processes that go into creating a piece of work.

Each of the leaders’ experience working with YDP culminates in the creation of a dance for their own youth group, which is then performed as the curtain-raiser when YDP performs in their community.

If your youth dance group would like to be a part of this project in the future, please contact the Company Manager.

Previous Youth Leaders include:

Wilshire Dancing: Carrie Syckelmoore, Salisbury Youth Dance Company
 Take Art, Somerset: Katey Leader, Somerset Youth Dance Company
 Activate Dorset: Rachel McDowell, Fuse Youth Dance Company & Demelza Green, Forest Forge Youth Dance Company Swindon Dance, Swerve Dance Company.

Yorke Dance Project would like to thank the Causeway Foundation, our major sponsor for all our young dancers programmes, Take Art-Somerset, Wiltshire Dancing, and Activate-Dorset. Without your support this creative development programme for the youth leaders would not go ahead.

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