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Yorke Dance Project recognises that there are few bigger influences on a young person’s creative development than the experience of meeting, working with and seeing how professional artists work, whether in dance, theatre or any of the arts.

Particularly in rural areas with few or no dance companies and where there may not be many professional dancers working, these opportunities are a rare source of professional contact, affirmation and inspiration for the local dance artists and students. And elsewhere, where there may already be a thriving dance community, Yorke Dance Project has a lot to offer.

Dancers want and are frequently expected to be creative individuals with choreographic abilities and input. This is how Yorke Dance Project works and our Participation programmes allow other dancers, whether they do or don’t already work like this, see how it is done by our company. Participants learn how to use their own interests and experiences as routes into creating material, along with frameworks actually used by the company during the making of our works. Many of our dancers have worked as teachers throughout the world and are in demand in the UK to lead professional classes for other companies as well as for Colleges and Schools.

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